Philippine Quota Visa 菲律宾特赦移民

Overstay here in the philippines? Motion for Reconsideration? We can help you!
We cater these types of SERVICES:
Philippine Visa & lmmigration related concern
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1.9GWorking Visa

  1. Downgrading of Working Visa
    3.Tourist Visa Extension
    4.Alien Employment Permit(AEP)
  2. Inclusion of dependent Spouse and unmarried child
  3. Emigration Clearance Certificate(ECC)
    7.Cancellation of Alien Employment Permit
  4. Cancellation of 9G Working Visa(9G)
    9.AEP card replacement(lossAEP)
    10.Quota Visa
    11.13(a)Non-Quota Visa- married to a Filipino
    13.Lifting of Blacklist(BL)and Hold Departure Order(HDO)
    14.Order To Leave(OTL)
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